Pineapple plantations

Above fotos show how the costarican landscape in the zona norte near Santa Rosa Pocosol is being industrialised with silos and treatments plants.
pineapple before the harvest, and
after spraying with chemicals, once a year.

Pineapple production has the following severe environmental impacts:

The Rainforest Allaince ( developed a Sustainable Agricultural Program with Additional Criteria and Indicators for Pineapple Production. These are unfortunately inadequate to compensate for the adverse environmental impacts. EALA strives to improve these criteria.

Organic pineapple is only very slowly advancing: on Finca Corsicana ( near La Virgen de Sarapiquí, some 500 hectares is now in organic production without the use of agrochemicals. As the fruit ripens during 16 in stead of 14 months, its taste is 35% sweeter.