29 ha farm near Platanillo

Herewith some photos of EALA's reforestation project near Platanillo, at 12 km from Dominical in the south of Costa Rica near the Pacific Ocean. The area of the finca is 29 hectares divided in 8 potreros (areas with barbed wire for cattle) of 22 hectares and a forested area of 7 hectares which includes a waterfall of some 50 meters high.

In July this year 2019 we have implemented a reforestation program for planting some 1500 native trees in  four areas (the potreros) grazed by cattle for many years. 

In March, we had started a nursery in Platanillo for wood producing and other native trees and for cashew nut (marañon in Spanish) trees. One of our aims was to re-establish the 20 meter protection zones along the stream running through the finca. Tree species are: espavel, gavilan, guachepelin, corteza amarilla, guachipelin, almendro, guarumo, castaña, lechoso, mayo blanco, cristóbal, etc. We have also planted some 800 cashew nut trees (marañon in Spanish). We have planted with two teams of two persons. Much time has been spent, and will be spent in the next four years, on cutting the fast-growing brisantha grass, our big enemy. Our cost was so far approx. $ 5 per tree planted, we envisage another $ 10 for maintenance (with motoguaraña en machete) over the next four years, so total cost per tree $ 15.

On Sunday August 4, we had a visit of a group of some 25 hikers from Eco-lodge & Retreat Centrer Cascada Elysiana (www.cascadaelysiana.com), our neighbors. 11 visitors planted trees and donated 3000 colones each. Many thanks!

For more info about this project, write to EALAmail@gmail.com or call at (506) 8824 6143.


                  view south                              in 2020 we intend to reforest two hills at right


                   so-called rodajas cleared with motoguaraña and machete



  Laura of Elysiana planting a tree. "When you                  Waterfall at the finca

  pour your soul in a project like this, you feel

  happy to contribute to Mother Earth." said Laura.